Vendors that sell at the IUO-VICSMALL trade fair must agree to the following terms of service:

Vendor Registration: To participate, vendors must register with VICSMALL. Only registered vendors will be authorized to sell or promote their products and secure space at the event.

Branding Requirements: Vendors who will be attending physically are required to wear the provided Vicsmall T-shirt featuring the Vicsmall logo on the front, along with any additional branded materials provided by VICSMALL. The vendor’s business logo and SRC will be displayed on the back, along with the business name.

Identification Badges: Registered vendors who will be attending physically will receive identification badges before the event. These badges are essential for identification and will help the VICSMALL team identify registered vendors. Vendors must wear their badges at all times during the trade fair event.

Promotional Material/Product Packaging: Vendors who will be attending physically are required to prominently feature VICSMALL ENTERPRISE as the trade fair sponsor on all promotional materials. To maintain brand consistency, VICSMALL will provide nylon bags for packaging purposes; all items should be placed in these bags. If vendors choose to use their own branded bags, these must be enclosed within the provided VICSMALL nylon bags. While vendors are encouraged to promote their brands to customers, it’s important to adhere to these packaging guidelines. We are committed to supporting your business visibility at the event and have implemented strategies to ensure that your brand reaches our attendees effectively. 

Returns & Refunds: In the event of a refund request due to damaged or incorrect items, the item will be returned to the vendor, who must issue a refund if the item is indeed defective. VICSMALL ensures items are in good condition before delivery to prevent false claims. Vendors must always ensure they deliver the exact item ordered by the customer.

Fee Structure for Vendors: Vendors interested in securing a shop space for the event are required to pay a fee of ₦6,000. This fee can be settled either in full or through installments for added convenience. All installment payments must be made before Monday, May 27th. 

Additionally, VICSMALL will collect a 5% commission on each sale made by the vendor. Please note, that vendors must also submit an inventory list of all products they plan to sell at the event, regardless of whether these sales are conducted online or offline.(This applies to all vendors, whether online or offline vendors).

Please note that you will be required to fill out two forms.

  1. Form collecting basic information about your business and you. 
  2. Form collecting your Identification details.

Once you click to proceed, you will be redirected to make your payment. After that, you will be redirected to fill out the first form. Once we receive your details, a WhatsApp message will be sent to you to fill out the second form.

If you have any questions, please send an email to and we will attend to them.



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